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Warranty & Returns

Instructions for Returns:

1. Contact the ONIX Technical Support Line at 888-994-6649

2. If the problem cannot be resolved or the issue persists, contact your distributor and download the 'RA Request Form' below.

3. Fill out the entire RA form and email the completed form to  'CC' your distributor on the email.

4. All product sent back must be packaged up to UPS's shipping standards.  DO NOT write on or ship back the product in the product box.  Put product box inside a new shipping box and put a copy of the completed RA form in/on the box.  Not doing this might cause a delay in your RA being processed.  ONIX USA is not liable for shipments that break during returned shipping.

5. RMA# are not guarantees of credits or repairs.  Products purchased within 6 months can be replaced with a new product with new PO but if the original product is found to be working the product will be shipped back or will be subjected to a re-stocking fee.

You can email any questions email -

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