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Category: Onix Tech Support Video, Video - How to setup your recorder video, Video - How to export recorded video, Video- How to playback video, Video - Setting up frame rate, Video - Setting up Motion, Video - Setting up 24/7 (continuous) recording, Video - How to Auto Start Live View from a browser, Video - How to setup time on a time server, Video - How to activate cameras from SADP Tool, Video - How to change the name of an camera on our recorder.

Setup at the Recorder

Change Resolution, Frame Rate and No Resource
Exporting Video to Flash Drive
Playing back recorded video
Finding license plates and anaytic saved video

Setup through Internet Explorer/Edge

1. Setting up Continuous Recorder
2. Setting up Motion Recorder
3. Setting up Resolution and Frame Rate
4. Setting up Time with NTP Server
1. Auto Start Live View on IE
2. Setting up your Record Resolution and Frame Rate on IE
3. Setting up Time and NTP Server on IE
4. How to Save and Export Recorded Video on IE
5. How to View Recorded Playback Video on IE
6. How to modify IP address on SADP Tool
7. How to activate IP camera on SADP Tool
8. How to default IP camera on SADP Tool
9. How to change camera name using OSD - IE
10. How to add a User - IE
11. How to unbound Guarding Vision account - IE
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