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Recorder FAQ's

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How many days of recording will I get with an ONIX DVR / NVR?

Hard drive size, number of cameras, motion vs. 24/7 recording will all adjust the amount of record time you will get.

How much is the per channel licensing fee on your IP camera software?

We DO NOT have a per channel licensing fee. Our software is free and there is no extra cost to add a camera to our recorders. Our recorders start at 4 channels and go up all the way up to 256 channels with no hidden licensing costs.

I upgraded the firmware on my recorder, now the Login screen reflects a lot of garbage characters? Why?

On the rare occasion, a recorder might exhibit this behavior immediately following a firmware upgrade. Ignore the garbage characters...Just keep clicking the [OK] button. The recorder will eventually allow access. Once into the recorders menu system > Main Menu > Maintenance > Default > Factory Default the recorder. A Factory default of the unit will resolve this problem.

What is the Default DVR Password, NVR Password and Camera Password?

Older recorders/cameras: 12345, admin12345

Newer recorders/cameras: ADMIN12345, nvr12345 

(All new recorders/cameras now come inactive without a password set)

What is my recorders default IP Address?

By default the recorder IP address is

(if you are plugged into a router with DHCP on your IPv4 address might change)

I'm trying to enable the Guarding Vision service on my recorder but I can't seem to get it online. Why?

Guarding Vision requires consistent access to DNS server(s).

Recommend adjusting the recorders network settings to include the following DNS servers...

Preferred DNS = instead of default gateway

Alternate DNS =

'Soft' Reboot the recorder.

Guarding Vision service should come online.

What if I forgot my password to my Camera/DVR/NVR)?

Can I use another companies camera with an ONIX Network Recorder?

Yes, our ONIX Network Recorder is compatible with over 30 different camera manufacturers, which equals out to thousands of different cameras models. If your camera uses the latest current version of the protocol ONVIF it will work with our Network and Hybrid Recorders.

Can I use Onix IP Cameras with other manufacturers Network Recorders or IP Software?

Yes, all Onix IP cameras come with the latest ONVIF Profile Software, which we update with every new ONVIF release. Most (99%) of Network Recorders build after 2014 have the ONVIF protocol built-in or have a firmware update that adds ONVIF.

My 64 channel recorder can only see 50 cameras, why?

In general, this indicates that there is not enough bandwidth when trying to add more than 50 cameras. Is the RAID being utilized? If yes, then the incoming bandwidth is 200 instead of 320. Also, check the Bit Rate in Video Settings. If set to 6400, then 50 is already full.

Why can I not hear audio on my recorder?

Left click on the camera you want to hear audio from. Icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Microphone.

What is the absolute bare-minimum recommended up-speed?

Windows / Internet Explorer - FAQ's

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10 Mbps

When I access my recorder in a browser, the browser keeps asking to install the web plug-in. Why?

Why does my screen keep saying install plug-ins?

1. Make sure the browser is 'Internet Explorer'.

2. If accessing the recorder via, when clicking on the public IP/Port number, again, make sure that the browser that is in use is Internet Explorer.

3. If you are certain that the web plug-in has already been installed, yet you still are prompted to install the plug-in, click [cancel] and proceed w/ login..effectively ignoring the web plug-in prompt.

I exported a video file that should contain Audio but I can't hear anything on playback. Why?

In order to hear the audio, you need to play the video in the VS Player. [VLC Player will not play the embedded audio, for example.]

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I'm using Internet Explorer to download video from the recorder and the file system doesn't get created, no files are downloaded. Why?

Run your Internet Explorer session 'As Administrator'. This should resolve the issue.

If my IP cameras are connected to a Lan-based PoE switch, I can login to them directly using Internet Explorer, by IP. How can I directly access the IP cameras if they are connected to the recorders embedded PoE switch?

In order to directly login to IP cameras connected to the recorders embedded PoE switch, the switches Virtual Hosting feature must be enabled.

1. Login to the recorder in Internet Explorer.

2. Click the configuration tab.

3. Select Network > Advanced Settings > Other - Enable Virtual Host

Once the switch is virtually hosting cameras, you can login to the cameras directly using the link provided...

4. Click the configuration tab.

5. Select System > Camera Management > Link to the camera is in the connect column.

I'm getting "Invalid Stream Type" error. Why?

Log into the camera. The Stream Type is most likely set to mjpeg or H.265. Set to H.264 to resolve issue.

When remotely attempting to adjust the motion sensitivity in Internet Explorer, I get a Parameter Error. Why?

Likely it's a glitch in the browser software. Adjust motion sensitivity locally.

MAC Questions

Why will my cameras not appear on a MAC?

In order to view your cameras from a MAC you need to download a plug-in from our website.


Download and install 'SAFARI Plug-in for MAC'

Why can I not install any software onto my MAC?

The administrator settings on your MAC are set-up to only allow MAC software to be installed. To over-ride settings...

Open the System Preferences. This can be done by either clicking on the System Preferences icon in the Dock or by going to Apple Menu > System Preferences.

Open the Security & Privacy pane by clicking Security & Privacy.

Make sure that the General tab is selected. Click the icon labeled Click the lock to make changes.

Enter your username and password into the prompt that appears and click Unlock.

Under the section labeled Allow applications downloaded from:, select Anywhere. On the prompt that appears, click Allow From Anywhere.

Windows CMS Questions

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iPhone / Android App Questions

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Why can I view my cameras from my WiFi but not from my 4/5G network?

It means you have the wrong information in your phone for remote access or your Port Forwarding is not done properly.

Why can I only see 16 cameras on my 32 camera recorder?

You phone will only allow 16 cameras at one time for two reasons.

First, you phone could not handle 32 megapixel cameras streaming to the device all at once.

Second, the images would be so small you could not see anything.

To change what cameras you are looking at touch the top right corner icon and expand your DVR and click which 16 cameras you want to view.

What is the name of a smart phone app?  Android App & iPhone App?

iPhone App - App Store - Guarding Vision

Android App - Play Store - Guarding Vision

iPad App - App Store - Guarding Vision 

How much does the iPhone App and Android App cost?

The name of the new App is Guarding Vision.  The older version is Guarding Expert, both are free.

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