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How many days of recording will I get with an ONIX DVR / NVR?

Hard drive size, number of cameras, motion vs. 24/7 recording will all adjust the amount of record time you will get.

How much is the per channel licensing fee on your IP camera software?

We DO NOT have a per channel licensing fee. Our software is free and there is no extra cost to add a camera to our recorders. Our recorders start at 4 channels and go up all the way up to 256 channels with no hidden licensing costs.

Why is my monitor not showing any video (mis-match resolution)?

This means the resolution output on your recorder is not matching up properly with your monitor. The goal is to get the main screen up anyway you can so we can change the settings to match your monitor, try...

-Try the HDMI/VGA input on your test monitor

-If you are using VGA try HDMI, if you are using HDMI try VGA  

-Use another monitor, trying HDMI and VGA

Once you get a see the main screen, Right Click, select MENU>CONFIGURATION

Second option down in the middle of the screen is RESOLUTION, click and select change resolution to 1024x768

Now you should be able to put the recorder on the original monitor

What is the DVR Password, NVR Password and Camera Password?


(Older Version may have a password of - 12345)

What is my recorders default IP Address?

By default the recorder IP address is

(if you are plugged into a router with DHCP on your IPv4 address might change. Right Click > Menu > Mainenance > Click Network across the top of the screen)

Why does my DDNS say 'server failed' / DDNS issues?

Your DNS Server of your IP address is incorrect.  

You can go to MENU > CONFIGURATION > NETWORK. The select GENERAL tab at the top of the page. Then check the box marked ENABLE DHCP.  This will most likely change your IP address and make your re-due your port forwarding. But it will put in the correct DNS Server.

If you want to keep your current IP Address you have two options...

1. You can locate your DNS SERVER through your Router on a PC.

2. From a Windows PC, search 'cmd'.  The is bring up a small black screen. Type in 'ipconfig/all' and press Enter. A bunch of number will scroll down your screen. Scroll down until your find 'DNS Servers' and write down the IP Address (i.e.

Back at the DVR, go to MENU > CONFIGURATION > NETWORK. The select GENERAL tab at the top of the page.  Locate PREFERRED DNS SERVER in the middle of your screen and put in correct DNS SERVER ADDRESS from one of the steps above.

Click APPLY and select DDNS across the top of your screen

Check the box enable DDNS, put in your domain and select APPLY

What if I forgot my password (password reset/ lost password)?

Can I use another companies camera with an ONIX Network Recorder?

Yes, our ONIX Network Recorder is compatible with over 30 different camera manufacturers, which equals out to thousands of different cameras models. If your camera uses the latest current version of the protocol ONVIF it will work with our Network and Hybrid Recorders.

Can I use Onix IP Cameras with other manufacturers Network Recorders or IP Software?

Yes, all Onix IP cameras come with the latest ONVIF Profile Software, which we update with every new ONVIF release. Most (99%) of Network Recorders build after 2014 have the ONVIF protocol built-in or have a firmware update that adds ONVIF.

Why can I not hear audio on my recorder?

Left click on the camera you want to hear audio from. Icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Microphone.

How do I setup my recorder to sent me email or text message alerts?

Windows / Internet Explorer - FAQ's


Internet Explorer Questions

Why does my screen keep saying install plug-ins?

Make sure you are in INTERNET EXPLORER, in you are using WINDOWS 10 you are most likely in EDGE

Right click on your Windows icon and click Search > type in INTERNET EXPLORER

Now that you are in Internet Explorer go to the top right corner > lick Tools (wrench icon)

Select Compatibility View Settings

Click Ad > Click Close

Alert will appear at bottom of screen, Click ALLOW

At bottom of the screen locate 8 icons, Click the first icon - START ALL LIVE VIEW

Why won't my cameras appear on Internet Explorer?

At bottom of the screen locate 8 icons, Click the first icon - START ALL LIVE VIEW

MAC Questions


Why will my cameras not appear on a MAC?

In order to view your cameras from a MAC you need to download a plug-in from our website.


Download and install 'SAFARI Plug-in for MAC'

Why can I not install any software onto my MAC?

The administrator settings on your MAC are set-up to only allow MAC software to be installed. To over-ride settings...

Open the System Preferences. This can be done by either clicking on the System Preferences icon in the Dock or by going to Apple Menu > System Preferences.

Open the Security & Privacy pane by clicking Security & Privacy.

Make sure that the General tab is selected. Click the icon labeled Click the lock to make changes.

Enter your username and password into the prompt that appears and click Unlock.

Under the section labeled Allow applications downloaded from:, select Anywhere. On the prompt that appears, click Allow From Anywhere.

Windows CMS Questions



iPhone / Android App Questions


Why can I view my cameras from my WiFi but not from my 3/4G network?

It means you have the wrong information in your phone for remote access or your Port Forwarding is not done properly.

Why can I only see 16 cameras on my 32 camera recorder?

You phone will only allow 16 cameras at one time for two reasons.

First, you phone could not handle 32 megapixel cameras streaming to the device all at once.

Second, the images would be so small you could not see anything.

To change what cameras you are looking at touch the top right corner icon and expand your DVR and [ick which 16 cameras you want to view.

What is the name of a smart phone app?  Android App & iPhone App?

iPhone App - App Store - Guarding Expert

Android App - Play Store - Guarding Expert

iPad App - App Store - Guarding Expert

How much does the iPhone App and Android App cost?

The name of the new App is Guarding Vision.  The older version is Guarding Expert, both are free.