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At ONIX we take pride in the product we offer.  We are not looking to be first to the market with the latest greatest gadget that works for two weeks and then fails.  The product we offer is a commercial grade product priced for not only businesses but homes looking for high quality video surveillance.  With major technological advancements in video surveillance in the last 5 years,  it has been a race to see who can offer the highest megapixel image and recorder at the lowest price, instead of who can make the highest quality.  Instead of joining that race we decided to offer a product with a high megapixel video quality, a low failure rate and a product that will last long past its warranty period.  A video surveillance system not recording when you need it useless, a surveillance system needs to be able to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years on end.  Then when you ge


There are two major differences between ONIX and other manufactures in the video surveillance industry. 


First, we stick to what we know.  We did not grow wanting to know about video surveillance, but since we have been in the industry for over a decade we figured we better know exactly what we are talking about and specialize in that area.  What we do is try to get as much information from you as possible and share our knowledge with you to give you the best options to fulfill your surveillance needs.  Different cameras are needed if you are having lawsuits with slip and falls versus employee or customer theft.  Not only do you need the right cameras but you need to use the correct technology, IP or HD Analog.  The internet, like with anything, can give you two different answers to the exact same question and TV shows, like CSI, have made video surveillance cameras popular, they have also put unrealistic expectations on what a camera can actually do.  In the age of megapixel and 4K, everything looks good during the day with lots of light.  Cameras housings look similar or the exact same but what separates quality between cameras is a good night image.  These image vary greatly based on the chipsets and lenses in the camera.  Much like how you can run Microsoft Windows on 200 different motherboards, RAM and video card combinations, all of which change the processing speed on start up or movies or games, chipsets drastically affect the performance of surveillance cameras.  Chipsets can come from Sony or Panasonic or  knock offs.  Lenses can be megapixel or non-megapixel, they can use cheap glass, good glass or high quality glass.  Each combination of chipset and lens drastically changes the image you see at night and the price of a camera.  We look for the sweet spot where the combination of chipsets and lens give you a crisp image at night at an affordable price.


Second, we handle all our own technical support in house.  If you call, the phone rarely gets to four rings before it is answered and whomever answers the phone will be able to answer you technical support questions.  If you are one call that slips by, call right back and someone will answer right away.  The video surveillance industry is known for technical support that consists of leaving a message hoping for a call back, waiting hours on hold and when you do get a technician they can rarely help, that is if you can understand them.  You might think by purchasing a product that cost less upfront will save you money.  But after three years the cost of sending back bad product and hours wasted paying employees to wait on hold your cheaper product has ending up costing you more.  

We look forward to working with you.


The ONIX USA Staff!

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